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modern Indian cuisine fine dine restaurant

White Charcoal which is the latest out post for a great Modern Indian and progressive regional food, located at The Empresa Hotel has already started to make raves with celebrities and locals

The thought behind this masterpiece by Chef Ajay Chopra is that the Mainland of India is blessed with diverse cultures and rich harmony. Indian cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the world and it has evolved over a period of time. The technique and the finesse have changed over the years and created a remarkable sense of cuisine, which is revered across the world. So to create an upbeat progressive experience the flavors of our very own Indian cuisine have been recreated at The White Charcoal.

Chef Chopra is looking at a new evolved, progressive and post modern cuisine where he has gone back to his roots, explored the fine art of cooking, researched the ethos of the cuisine and used quality ingredients which are available locally and added a splash of style to bring you long forgotten "INDIAN GASTRONOMY".

The alluring interiors and pleasant decor help visitors be around a beautiful ambiance, giving them a loose-fitting medium to enjoy toothsome dishes.



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